Built on a series of twelve field recordings and piano movement, Bayne has taken one medium I usually abhor and one that I truly adore; and combined them together as one. Basing his composition on randomness incorporated through control, ‘Meditations…’ is a sporadic release that works well at creating an atmosphere.

Scenes are played out as an observation piece where Bayne sits back and takes in his chosen environments. Occasionally he wanders and encounters random folk singing in the street, as well as the hustle and bustle of daily life; and piano keys slow and pick up the pace when it is required.

The end result is one that sits well on the ambient scale of things, with the two genres gelling well. An overall feeling of lounge music as movement, with a touch of jazziness here and there is enough to engage a broader market than field recordings would have managed on their own; and provides a decent listening experience due to Bayne’s more than competent skill on the ivories (even if it does drag on a fair bit).

—Tony Young, Blackaudio

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