Featuring Boris Hauf on tenor sax and Dudley Bayne on piano. Berlin based saxist Boris Hauf has a fine sextet disc out on Clean Feed and has worked with both European musicians like Martin Siewert, Burkhard Stangl and Werner Dafeldecker as well as some Chicago-based players: Jason Stein, Keefe Jackson and Frank Rosaly. Pianist D Bayne runs the Luminescence label which previously released a fine sextet disc with Bayne as the leader. Although Mr. Hauf does play electronics in his other collaborations, this is not the case here as this is an all acoustic duo. The music is all improvised and has a warm, thoughtful charm on the first piece. The music gets darker and more turbulent on the second piece, "Lawndale". "Garfield Park Conservatory" has a lovely, laid-back vibe with sensuous, breathy tenor and elegant piano. Mr. Bayne sounds as if he is playing an upright piano from an older era yet it feels just right. It sounds at times as if he is playing a harp the way an angel plays one, heavenly. Sublime and gently hypnotic. It actually sounds as if they are playing some standard in a bar where the atmosphere is filled with smoke and somber vibes. One of the more hypnotic discs I've heard recently and evocative of late-night dreamworld vibes.

—Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery

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