D Bayne is Chicago pianist Dudley Bayne, whose small yet serious label Luminescence, has released four discs so far of trios, septet and sextet. Although this is a recording of solo piano, there is much more going on. Mr. Bayne carefully blends in aleatoric sounds to the written or improvised parts, adding a sly sonic seasoning that evokes ghosts or spirits. Notes echo or sustain while a car passes by, a distant radio or static add a sense of mystery... The background ambiance changes on each piece as does the placement of the piano in the foreground or background. A sung version "Amazing Grace" floats in and out of our view or hearing. Mr. Bayne plays repeating phrases somewhat similar to Terry Riley or one of those other minimalists. Each of the 12 pieces are named after geographical locations so that the field recordings gives these pieces a sense of place. Kind of like wandering around a dream or maze of scenes. The packaging also includes pictures of these places and is also superbly done. I had this disc on a couple of days ago when this man who was looking for records by Terry Riley and LaMonte Young came in. He listened and loved this disc since it evokes a similar spacious vibe, an inner sense of calm. Since the piano often moves in the aural landscape, one must concentrate in order to hear the way certain theme are explored. Highly recommended if you want to transported somewhere else.

—Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery

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