Luminescence Live

The Luminescence Live imprint is focused on documenting live performances, recording in the moment, to capture the energy and magic of musicians interacting with their audiences. Luminescence Live documents live music by musicians and groups connected to the robust Chicago jazz and free-jazz music scene.

In a parallel spirit of improvisation and adventure, this music is released in limited editions of one hundred (100) copies per album. Collaborating with Studio Twelve 3, each individual copy is hand prepared, assembled and numbered. Just like live performances, no two copies are ever quite the same.

Josh Berman Group / Keefe Jackson Quartet

LML001 | CD-R | Sep 2007

D Bayne / Tim Daisy / Kurt Johnson Trio

LML002 | CD-R | Nov 2007


LML003 | CD-R | Sep 2008

D Bayne Sextet

LML004 | CD-R | Nov 2012

Western Ave.

LML005 | CD-R | Jan 2012