This recording was made during a concert at Luminescence Records loft space in January 2007 that included performances by both the Josh Berman Group and the Keefe Jackson Quartet.

While the Chicago free-jazz scene includes many different aesthetics, these two groups are noteworthy for their musical depth and stylistic sophistication. Drawing from the rich history of jazz music, a listener can hear a range of historical influences including Duke Ellington, Thelonious Monk, Ornette Coleman and Eric Dolphy. These musicians' talents and creativity are well matched with awareness and consideration of their musical past.

This recording exemplifies the depth and creativity of the performers and composers that are making the Chicago jazz and free-improvisation scene so well known today.

Josh Berman Group Keefe Jackson Quartet LML001


  1. Let's Pretend
  2. On Account of a Hat
  3. Almost Late
  4. Hide the Can
  5. Maker
  6. How-a-Low
  7. Since Then
  8. Eff-Time
  9. Put My Finger on It


  1. Let's Pretend
  2. On Account of a Hat
  3. Almost Late
  4. Hide the Can
  5. Maker
  6. How-a-Low
  7. Since Then
  8. Eff-Time
  9. Put My Finger on It


  1. Josh Berman - trumpet
  2. Keefe Jackson - tenor sax and bass clarinet
  3. Jeb Bishop - trombone
  4. Keefe Jackson - tenor sax and bass clarinet
  5. Jason Adasiewicz - vibraphone
  6. Jason Roebke - bass
  7. Nori Tanaka - drums
  8. Anton Hatwich - bass
  9. Nori Tanaka - drums


Designed by T.Kellers, Studio Twelve 3

Luminescence Records

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  2. LUM002
  3. LUM003

Luminescence Live

  1. LML001
  2. LML002
  3. LML003
  4. LML004
  5. LML005


This split two group disc was recorded live in January of 2007 and both groups share a couple of members.All members of both groups except for drummer Nori Tanaka can be found on previous discs that we've listed from various Chicago area outfits. The Josh Berman Group features Josh on trumpet & compositions (CD on Demark), Keefe Jackson on tenor sax & bass clarinet (also on Delmark), Jason Adasiewicz on vibes (Cuneiform CD), Anton Hatwich on bass (self-produced discs) and Nori Tanaka on drums. The instrumentation for this quintet is similar to Eric Dolphy's 'Out to Lunch' album except that Keefe Jackson plays tenor instead of alto sax.The sound is similar as well, except that this session is more occasionally more laid back but adventurous in other ways. Mr.Berman takes some great solos while the rest of the quintet spin tightly around him, accelerating organically and weaving a tight web of rhythm.Josh writes quirky tunes which go through a series of odd changes in direction.During "On Account of a Hat", the quintet is broken into interconnected subsections, the horns going one way while the vibes/bass/drums go another way, yet somehow they all remain connected.

The Keefe Jackson's Quartet features Keefe on tenor & bass clarinet, Jeb Bishop on trombone, Jsaon Robke on bass & Nori Tanaka on drums. This group is even more intense and filled with steam & bluster. It is great to hear Jeb Bishop, who was once a member of the Vandermark 5 wailing again. The frontline with Keefe on tenor & Jeb on trombone sounds great with creative, tight rhythm team to back them up. What's interesting about this quartet is the way they deal with textures and structures. On "Since Then" the rhythm section sizzles while the bass clarinet and trombone play tense drones. Solos by both horns are consistently powerful and often soaring on high. Closing out with "Put My Finger on It", the theme is infectious, with long spirited solos from all members and intricate, ever-shifting playing form the bass and drums.Even though there are two bands here, the shared members and creative thread makes this disc superb from the beginning to the end.

Bruce Lee Gallanter

Downtown Music Gallery